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ScanLab.name - Automatic ordering system scans of documents and passports. Forgery scans documents, repaint scans, scans of passports for sale. Buy scans driving licenses, credit cards draw scans.

Our work is done on these terms:

Carefully read our rules!

1. When you work with the system, confirm that you are not an employee of security forces (LEA, FBI, FPS, USSS, CIA etc.). If this is so,than immediately leave this site, and forget about it forever.
2. After payment your order immediately gets into the queue, and is implemented in 1-2 hours in turn. If your order is 10 in the queue, it will be ready in 10-20 hours. rush order is implemented out of turn.
3. When you order my scans, I do not give a guarantee that my work will be accepted in your office, because each firm has its own test methods, and some have access to various databases, through which they check the accuracy of the information (eg BF). But I try to do the job as soon as possible and very realistic.
4. After receiving your order, you must check if all information is right, if there are any mistakes, I will immediately correct them, otherwise claims are not be accepted.
5. All important information must be specified directly in the order, empty blanks I will fill in myself according to the pattern. All the mistakes you made will be your problem and will not be corrected.
6. Scans are made personally for you and you must pay personally. If the scans get to a third person, you automatically get to ban, and no claims are be accepted.
7. Money paied for your order will not be returned! Only in cases when the template of a document is not available, in all other cases you receive the order.
8. All completed orders are sent to ICQ by system bot, so you can download them in your personal office. If you have not specified the correct number of ICQ, the claims are not accepted.
9. If you do not follow the rules of the system you get in the ban and in future you will be denied in service. After this claims are not accepted.
10. Work is done after full payment. If you have any doubts about my reputation, you can read my reviews on different forums you are interested in.


ICQ: 358-111, 449-777-779
Jabber: Alize@thesecure.biz

Наша кнопка

ScanLab.Name - Продажа сканов паспорт, рисуем под заказа кредитные карты и дипломы

За баннерами другого формата обращаться в ICQ.